PvP 6-10 gear will be as good if not better than T3 PVE gear !

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Good stuff ;

One of the reasons we've been reluctant to label the new round of PvP gear "PvP Tier 2" is because the damage is in fact on par with the Tier 3 Raid sets.

When we sat down and made the PvP gear which accompanies the Shrines of Bori we decided to give it stats which would be representative of the highly competitive nature of that PvP content. Since Tier 3 raid gear is the current "latest and greatest" in terms of raid progression, we felt the new PvP gear should be relevant in a world where Tier 3 raid gear exists.

To compare some Necromancer's 8 piece sets as an example:

PvP Gear (levels 1-5): PvP Spell Damage - 345
T1 Raid: Spell Damage - 396.6
T2 Raid: Spell Damage - 455
T3 Raid: Spell Damage - 514.2
Bori PvP Gear (levels 6-10): PvP Spell Damage - 515.6

Note the substantial increase in Spell damage from the level 1-5 PvP gear to the Bori PvP gear (it's roughly a 50% increase). Also in case anyone is interested, Bori PvP necro set is doing 375.6 Spell Damage in PvE.

This sort of progression holds generally true for all the new PvP class sets. Other stats on the 8 piece set for the necromancer, such as health, are quite close to Raid Tier 2 and of course the Bori PvP gear has the PvP protection which has always been the hallmark of the PvP sets.

While some stats on the Bori PvP gear are slightly worse than the T2 Raid gear (mana regen for example in this specific case), other stats might be higher than T3 Raid gear, such as Critical Bonus Damage on the Necro sets (it's 230 on the Bori PvP gear and 178 on the T3 Raid gear). And as you can see from above, the Spell Damage in PvP is slightly higher than T3 Raid gear, but generally equivalent.

The Bori sets are designed to be PvP sets, and have the stat distribution that we feel distinguishes them in meaningful ways. And yes, this will put some stats, or the PvP equivalents, higher than what is seen on T3 Raid gear.

Again, the sets are doing damage roughly equivalent (slightly more, in fact) to T3 raid gear.
source (on Test Live forums)
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