Shrines of Bori incoming before expansion, in next few weeks !!!!!

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Thanks to all forum warriors who have died in the battle for the PvP cause, like Tranca (R.I.P ) and many others who will rename forever heros in our hearts !!!!!

check GD official post on forums

Here is paste for you slackers who cant even click on link :p

Funcom A first day back update and an important change of heart and schedule
Back from GDC and a quick note today to mention something that you will see coming to the test server as part of the 1.07 update over the next few days.

As I have mentioned several times over the last few weeks while we had really wanted to get the new PVP feature, the Shrines of Bori, out onto the live servers prior to the expansion we hadn't managed to achieve that, and the schedules hadn't quite matched up. That resulted in us having to decide to release it instead immediately after the expansion.

This is something we have thought long and hard about over the last few weeks.

Given the passionate support for this feature in addition to our own opinion that we really did want to see this feature released if at all possible, we have moved some things around internally (and providing the final testing goes ok) and we do now intend to release this feature with the 1.07 update over the next few weeks.

It is important to stress that this has been the result of some great extra effort put in by the team and will not effect the schedule of the expansion. When we saw the tremendous support for this feature, and the many very constructive and rational arguments from you, our players, that served to strengthen our own wish that this new PVP content could have come prior to the expansion we decided that we would find a way to achieve this.

We don't always get to 'win' in these situations and the hard reality of deadlines, resources and release schedules mean that we often have to explain, as we have up until now in this case, that 'something has to give' when things end up with clashing schedules. So I am very happy that on this occasion we have been able to rise to the challenge and the team have been able to go that extra metaphorical mile and deliver things so that we can do both. This is very much a case of our team wanting to deliver as much as possible to keep as many of you as possible satisfied with the content additions to the game.

So the Shrines of Bori are almost upon us! There will be blood spilled in the Border Kingdoms before you get to explore Khitai!

This will bring with it the opening up of PVP levels 6-10 and new PVP rewards.

Thanks to all of you for the passionate discussion and (mostly ) reasoned arguments as to why this should come to pass. Age of Conan, like all MMO games, is nothing without the community around it, and I am always at my happiest when that combines constructively with the development of the game.

Those of you who haven't tested the feature before can check out the previous test server postings on this feature, and all things going well it will be available again on the test servers at some point over the next 48 hours.

As an added bonus it is also worth mentioning that 1.07 will feature a set of mini-event type quests that will server as a lead in to the expansion launch, giving you access to some new quest encounters with some dangerous visitors from foreign shores!

So there is some interesting new additions coming up with 1.07 prior to the expansion. I am very proud of the effort from the team in getting all these things together and lined up, so hopefully you all enjoy the new additions!
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