Gimp classes that are not gimp continued (reached word limit on previous post)

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4. Ranger

I fucking love this class I just discovered it recently. I hardly did any PvP with it until recently, this is because I had double XP pot (which is discontinued) and I wanted to use my time on getting PVE XP, not wasting time in PvP.

Now the XP pot is gone, I'm really (REALLY) enjoying my time as a ranger.

I never tried bow, I am Xbow and play Xbow since level 22 or something.

Well, I don't think I need to argue very long about this, but

1. Many CC (and very fun ones also like KB trap hahah ) Also, the only class that can KB from distance now (so very valuable in group).

2. Good survivability (Medium armour, descent hp, also a skill that buffs dodge and immunities for some time + standard rogue anti cc

3. Tracking --> it bugs often, but when it works, it's not only so much fun, but also very very usefull :p

4. Very good single target (ranged omfg) DPS. Seriously, you place a dot, you debuf, then BOOM you take away 60% of enemy HP or more with one combo? haha fucking nice :XD

5. Hardly ever gets focused in group PvP which means you just rape everyone lol

I don't need write wall of text for ranger, it's trule good class. What I don't understand is why so many rangers QQ and they it is gimp. The only thing it is lacking is AOE, but maybe (maybe) it compensates with faster single target dps?

5. Barbarian.

I save the best for last, and trust me, I will post wall of text when I have time :XD
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