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  1. Shrines of Bori incoming before expansion, in next few weeks !!!!!

    Thanks to all forum warriors who have died in the battle for the PvP cause, like Tranca (R.I.P ) and many others who will rename forever heros in our hearts !!!!!

    check GD official post on forums

    Here is paste for you slackers who cant even click on link :p

    Funcom A first day back update and an important change of heart and schedule
    Back from GDC and a quick note today to mention something that you will see coming to the test server as part
  2. Hello Word!

    Привет всем, да интересные тут перемены, давненько не заходил, удачи Рускорпу и всем старперам ММОРПГ
  3. PvP updates and information. In this edition, Didek gets pwned on Test Live :)

    link to test live thread (must be registered)

    In this thread, Didek also stakes
    There should also be some additional changes to the minigames in 1.07.
  4. Updated IRL faces of Fury by Tranca

  5. World Minigame Championships

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