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  2. Anything related to sieges (official)

    Here I will post anything I find (official) related to sieges



    @Silirrion I heard rhumours saying that Funcom was not working on fixing sieges until after the expansion also. Is that true? -_-
    @SirPaco While the expansion is certainly our primary focus right now, we are still investigating siege logs from servers like Fury
    @Silirrion Thanks, btw

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  3. Baba's funny forum posts collection

    but now this guy goes PM haha

    will post other funny posts if I see anything particular :p

    here one haha :


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  4. Gimp classes that are not gimp continued (reached word limit on previous post)

    4. Ranger

    I fucking love this class I just discovered it recently. I hardly did any PvP with it until recently, this is because I had double XP pot (which is discontinued) and I wanted to use my time on getting PVE XP, not wasting time in PvP.

    Now the XP pot is gone, I'm really (REALLY) enjoying my time as a ranger.

    I never tried bow, I am Xbow and play Xbow since level 22 or something.

    Well, I don't think I need to argue very long about ...
  5. Gimp classes are not so gimped, people judge to fast or just plain wrong.

    Ok, so this one wil be an ongoing process. I will edit it in time but the objective is to show people why the "gimp" classes are not gimped.

    There is a mis conception in AoC by most players that such and such a class sucks, and 78.827263646 % (roughly) of the time it is completly wrong. So I here I will talk of my personal experience with gimp classes which are usually the ones I prefer to play, or at least try out.

    All of this is in PvP as I don't give a ...

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